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Fleet of UFOs similar to NYC and El Paso UFOs show up in Phoenix, Arizona

UFOs similar to the NYC UFOs and El Paso UFOs showed up in Arizona, Phoenix, October 17th.

The video below has audio of Howard Stern.  Some people may want to turn the volume off if they disagree with his style of humor.

The UFOs previously showed up in NYC, Manhattan, and were claimed to be balloons from an engagement party.  They then began appearing in El Paso, Texas, in triangular formations similar to the ones in NYC.

And now they are showing up in Arizona, Phoenix.

The uploader of the Youtube UFO video shown above says that “the wave started as a few white dots moving toward the south but as the others arrived the moved all over like they were putting on a show for me.”

2010 Youtube UFO in Melbourne, Australia

Uploaded to Youtube October 27, 2010, this video shows an oval/circle-like ball of white light traveling across the sky.

Supposedly filmed at 4:21 AM (according to information in the video description of the user).

This video shows interesting footage, seemingly ending in the UFO heading towards the moon (or at least a large blue ball).  I’m not sure what this witness was using to record the footage, so I can’t say for sure whether it was a close up or not, though the description says it was a ‘close UFO’ coming into his/her ‘field vision’.

UFOs shutting down US nuclear weaponry – are they trying to tell us something?

Robert Hastings, a UFO researcher, says that more than 120 former or retired US military personnel have witnessed strange UFOs over nuclear missile sites, nuclear weapon storage areas, and nuclear weapons test sites.  He says that these witnesses have described the UFOs to have the shape of a disc, cylinder or sphere.  They say that these crafts are capable of hovering and make little to no noise.

“I believe – these gentlemen believe – that this planet is being visited by beings from another world.  Who, for whatever reason, have taken an interest in the nuclear arms race which began at the end of World War II,” he says.

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NYC UFOs are now showing up in El Paso, Texas

The UFOs that caught the attention of New Yorkers on December 13th have shown up in El Paso, Texas, around two days after the NYC incident.

Sadly enough, as I mentioned before in the NYC UFO post, the news reporters are still oblivious to the fact that UFO means ‘Unidentified Flying Object’ not ‘Alien space ship that is going to squash us like miserable little bugs on a sidewalk’.  “Others, though, said it looked like a UFO.”

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UFOs over NYC said to be balloons…but is anyone buying it?

Many people stopped to stare at the UFOs over NYC on December 13th, but now the UFOs are said to be balloons from an engagement party.  Read more on the NYC December 13th UFOs here on Alien Enigma (link opens in a new window).

Honestly, I don’t think it sounds very likely that so many people would stop and stare at balloons.  I mean, these UFOs got the attention of many, many people in NYC.  As one of the people in the video of the previous post said, ‘balloons don’t stand still’.

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UFO in NYC (Video Included)

Balloon-like UFOs over NYC earn themselves an audience of pedestrians.

I love the way the news lady says, “Is it a balloon, a UFO?”.  It seems every news reporter uses ‘UFO’ as ‘Alien Aircraft’ and forgets that it really is an abbreviation for ‘Unidentified Flying Object’.  Maybe it’s a balloon…or an…unidentified flying object!!?

Anyway, this is certainly an exciting event and it has many looking and thinking.

There are now people saying that the UFOs in the video were their balloons from an engagement party.  Read More (opens in the same window, will not take you away from Alien Enigma).