UFOs over NYC said to be balloons…but is anyone buying it?

Many people stopped to stare at the UFOs over NYC on December 13th, but now the UFOs are said to be balloons from an engagement party.  Read more on the NYC December 13th UFOs here on Alien Enigma (link opens in a new window).

Honestly, I don’t think it sounds very likely that so many people would stop and stare at balloons.  I mean, these UFOs got the attention of many, many people in NYC.  As one of the people in the video of the previous post said, ‘balloons don’t stand still’.

  People were also saying that they saw one UFO and later found that there were more than one in the sky.  Sure, the balloons could have split apart from each other, but that doesn’t explain how a balloon could simply hover in the air.

  Many other people are also reluctant to believe that these were balloons, saying that the people in the video sound fake, as if they are low-budget actors from an original Syfy movie.  Apparently, not many people are buying this.

I’m not ready to conclude that these UFOs were balloons just yet.  For me, they will remain unidentified flying objects.

A few days later, the same UFOs have shown up in El Paso, Texas, supposedly two days after they appeared over NYC.  Read up on that here (opens in a new window, takes you to a post here on Alien Enigma).

Don’t forget to check out the previous post on the UFOs in NYC (opens in a new window.)


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