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Has a real alien finally been accurately recorded in Australia?

A young man in Australia has  been uploading quite a few videos to YouTube lately regarding an ‘alien’ in his back yard.  These aren’t your typical videos posted by internet trolls; they’re actually quite realistic.

The Situation:

The video depicts a small alien that shows up, slightly concealed behind tall grass, and flashes a red light that looks similar to a laser pointer into the house or at the recorder.  Here is the latest, 8th sighting:

WARNING!  The following video is filled with swearing and obscene language.  If you do not want to hear this language, you may mute the sound by either turning off your speakers or hitting the sound button on the YouTube video in the bottom left corner.  It is suggested that you leave sound on, as it may give a better understanding to the video.

Don’t forget to turn the quality of the video as high as you can before watching!

0:37 – the being is first spotted

1:10 – the being emits the red light in the direction of the camera

1:32 – the power suddenly goes out and all lights in the house turn off

2:11 – the recorder says “Oh, I left the door open” followed by “I’m staying here”

2:29 – a smashing noise is heard and the recorder travels up the stairs to see if a window was smashed

3:23 – the power comes back on

3:47 – you can hear the being retreating

Many people are saying the recorder doesn’t sound genuinely afraid, which is what you’d expect if there was an alien in your backyard.  His friend offers no help to the case, merely repeating ‘nuh’ about 100 times throughout the video.

There are a few fear indicators in the video, however, that seem to hint that the recorder is scared.  First, at 1:10, when the being begins emitting a ray of light, the recorder jumps back inside and hides behind part of the wall.

Second, at 2:11, once the power is out and the camera pans back to the open door, the recorder says “Oh, I left the door open” and then says “I’m staying here”.  This is probably because he didn’t want to go to the door, not when the power had just gone out and a being was walking around in his back yard.  Not many young men would have the guts to go up and look out the door.

Later, a smashing noise is heard, which is purported to be a pot in the recorder’s yard.  This pot was later shown in a video uploaded by the recorder, smashed and being unloaded into a trash can.  He is offering the pieces to anyone who wants them, to run analysis or tests.  Here’s the video showing the bits of the pot:

The video shows the smashed pottery bits on the foot of the stairs to the deck.

This indicates that the being was perhaps trying to make its way up the steps and into the house where it accidentally smashed the pot.  This isn’t necessarily cold hard proof, but I felt it necessary to note it.

The YouTube channel “ThePolishedKnob” is the uploader of these videos.  The channel has about 800 subscribers as of now.  There are 10 sighting videos as of now.

You can find the others on ThePolishedKnob’s Channel on YouTube.

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Massive UFO sightings in the past years

I found this video very interesting – it highlights some of the craziest, massive, and amazing UFO sightings in the past years.  It’s long compared to most UFO footage on YouTube, but it’s worth the watch if you’re a UFO enthusiast.