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Three red orbs in triangle formation over Moline, Illinois – July 4th 2011

This video, claimed to be shot over Moline, Illinois during July 4th, 2011, shows three red orbs in triangular formation.  Very interesting…we can rule out Chinese lanterns (the first assumption for every UFO watcher), since they move in different directions and occasionally fade away and then brighten again.  Plus I don’t know of any fireworks that act like that.

UFO over New York City, July 5th 2011

This video shows bright white-red UFOs.  The video claims to be filmed in New York City, though the voices in the video sound like they’re speaking Spanish…not that it’s impossible for Spanish people to be in New York City.

UFO during July 4th, 2011 in Cache Valley, Utah

This UFO video from YouTube shows an object that continuously grows brighter and then dies out, seemingly hovering high in the sky.  It moves occasionally, but not by much.  It might be a bit out of focus, but I’m not entirely sure if that’s just how it looks in general.

As you can see, there are fireworks in the background, but they are much lower than the UFO, plus there aren’t any firecrackers I know of that can do this (not that I’m a firecracker expert…)

The description of the video on YouTube says that the video was originally 7 (seven) minutes long but was edited to cut out blurry parts.  It proceeds to say that no other editing was done on the video.

Alleged alien sets Australian house ablaze (June 2011)

For the 12th time, a young Australian man named Alex has uploaded footage of an alleged alien sighting to his YouTube channel.  The videos have been around since about 8 months ago when the first sighting was recorded while he was testing his new night vision camera.  The YouTube channel (user) uploading these videos is known as “ThePolishedKnob”.

I’ll show you the video and run down what happens to explain the scenario after you’ve watched it.

Here it is:

Warning! The following video has intense and plentiful swearing.  It’s suggested to leave sound on throughout the video regardless of the swearing, as it may give a better feel for the video.

0:05 – View of the back yard filmed through a night vision camera.  The backyard has tall grass in the distance that the alien hides behind.  On a stick is two pieces of paper, which might look like the ‘alien’ at first but is just paper that was intended to ‘send a message of peace’ to the being.

0:09 – The being points what seems to be a red laser towards the camera and the wall of the house catches flame.

0:14 – Alex, the video recorder, picks up a bucket full of water and splashes it onto the wall, dousing the flames.

0:22 – Alex retreats into the house, closing the sliding glass door behind him, trying to find the stick he made earlier with the paper on it through the screen but unable to see it properly.

0:55 – Alex claims he heard something ‘down here’.   He runs down the hall and tries to find it, insisting to the camera that he heard something.  He continues, seeming genuinely afraid, to look around the room and a flight of stairs to find the source of the noise, but finds nothing.

1:39 – The back sliding glass door is opened and reveals a very bright light.  This is because the camera is out of focus.  It’s not actually that bright.

1:48 – Night vision is turned off, revealing the red of the fire, still out of focus.

2:08 – Focus is regained, showing the flames.

2:11 – Alex pans the camera, whispering “Where is it?”.

2:15 – Night vision is back on.


The Fire:

Some people seem to think the video is a hoax (some more so than others), according to the video comments on YouTube.  The first suspicion is that brick can’t burn unless under extreme heat and that it looked as if lighter fluid had been poured over the wall.

I disagree, it doesn’t really look like that, but I’ve never seen lighter fluid on a wall, so what do I know?  I just think it’d spread and leak down the wall more, rather than making patches like the fire.

Watching from 0:09 for a couple seconds, you can see the red circle of light from the being’s laser slide along the wall, and apparently the bricks on the bottom of the wall light up as a cause of this, or so it seems.

Now, I’m not saying I’m totally with the video’s authenticity – I have my doubts, too – I’m just saying this doesn’t sound like a valid argument.  It does also seem like, if this alien could travel between planets or other dimensions, there’s a chance it can also inflict extreme heat with its laser.

The Buckets:

Another argument would be the so conveniently placed bucket full of water.

I disagree here, too.  It doesn’t mean that the bucket was purposefully placed there.  It was convenient, yes, but there are many reasons to have buckets on your deck.  First, people put buckets or similar containers out to collect rainwater.  They’re placed just under the edge of the roof so extra water from the roof (assuming there is no gutter) slides into the bucket, which fills quick even in light rain.  This is helpful for watering your plants, especially if your area is witnessing a drought at current (though you might not be getting so much rain in that case).  Also, in a later video (posted below), Alex addresses this, noting on the comments in the video claiming the bucket was too convenient.  He says that he always keeps buckets out, shows you how murky they are (water left out for a while tends to collect a lot of stuff, trust me, I have containers outside under the roof) inside, and shows you the rings on the patio from the buckets sitting there so long.

Alex does react rather quickly to this new ordeal of flaming bricks, yes, but he is a rather brave person if you think about it.  He has in past sightings walked out into the yard and tried to talk to the being, communicate with a flash light, and so on.  Once, he was even dragged away by the alien and into the grass.

He also seems genuinely fearful in the video, and his voice constantly cracks and he seems afraid when he’s searching the house for the noise.  He has reason to be afraid, though, after what he’s gone through.


The Morning After:

The next morning Alex posted a video detailing the scenario, where the alien was standing, etc.

Here it is.

Warning! There will be swearing in this video, too.

You can clearly see the bricks, which do look blackened in many spots.  The way they’re burnt is really rather fitting to the way they were supposed to be burnt: by the red circle of light emitted from the laser.  It looks like the marks were made with a circular device in mind.

He also addresses the buckets as I mentioned earlier, showing the murky water and rings on the patio where past buckets were left.

He slips in an “I’m so sick of this sh**” as he walks down to the tall grass.

The stick that held the two pieces of paper was blackened and the top seemed burned off.  Alex notes on how the papers on the stick are nowhere to be found – totally burned away.

The “hole” and “string traps” he mentions are two things he set to try and help find the alien.  He dug a hole, fairly deep, to see if the alien was dumb enough to fall in it, and laid grass out over it.  It seemed to have fallen in, but there is no footage of that, only scratch marks on one of the rocks after the grass has been upset in one of the many “hole vlogs” updating you on the progress.

By the advice of another YouTube user, he also set clever traps with strings on them, one string one foot into the air, another two, another three, something like that.  These strings were each wound around two sticks that were aligned with each other and set a little over a yard apart.  The point was to measure how tall passersby were when the strings were broken; if one was broken, it was one foot or so tall.  Two strings, two feet tall, and so on.  These were broken a few times, but once again, no real proof or video footage.


Later he talks about not knowing what to do, how he thinks he’s “pissed it off”.

He also notes on how, from where the being was standing in the yard, the part of the wall that burned was directly next to the stick, and that other YouTube comments say that it missed the stick on accident with its laser and pointed at the wall by accident, causing it to burn instead of the stick.  Alex says he believes that’s what happened.


I’ll let you draw your own conclusions – for my posts on a few of the other sightings, click here.

Once again, the YouTube user who uploads these videos is known as ThePolishedKnob.

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UFO filmed over Tasmania, Mayfield during May 2011

A skateboarder, Brendon Hill from Tasmania, Mayfield, made news with his UFO sighting.  The following video shows the captured footage and, if you have sound enabled, you can hear his witness testimony.

Dozens of UFOs filmed over Canada, May 2011

A YouTube UFO video posted May 21, 2011, shows dozens of shining white orbs hovering around in the sky.  The video claims this footage was recorded in Canada, though it doesn’t give any more information (time, specific date, city, etc.)

Here is the original video:

Warning! The following video contains minor swearing.  Some viewers may feel more comfortable turning their sound off or muting the video before watching.

Don’t forget to set the video quality as high as it will go before watching!

Here’s the same video with a closer zoom, titled “stabilized” on YouTube, uploaded by a different user:

This is definitely an intriguing sighting.  The YouTube user who uploaded the second video with a 20-second duration, “RedCrow1973”  had an interesting description relating to the video:

“I stabilized and analyzed a section of this amazing video JUST to make sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me.

They weren’t.

Whatever the lights are, they are definitely and authentically captured on video by these folks in Canada. This is not a hoax. This is the real deal!

With the exception of the one craft moving from right to left, you’ll notice the lights don’t blink. This means they’re not planes or helicopters. They could possibly be made by Earth humans, but if they are – and that’s one BIG if – they’re a technology that’s being kept secret from you. I’d think you’d be getting tired of that sort of secret by now.

I confess that my hope and my belief are that this is evidence of our space friends making their presence undeniably known. They fade in and out of our density. They don’t have to allow themselves to be seen at all. But they’re keeping the lights “on”. They could zip toward their destination. They don’t. They take their time and make a show of it. You were supposed to see this. What will you do with the information? Will you take the time to ponder the implications? Or will you ignore it and go watch reruns of Jersey Shore?”

The description says to see the full clip uploaded by AlienDisclosureGroup, but I don’t know which one was uploaded by the video recorder.  Either way, the one I posted above (the first video, not the second) has 1080p quality and the AlienDisclosureGroup video has up to 460p quality, probably because they re-posted it from another user like they do for over half of their videos.  Both users uploaded these videos on May 21, 2011.

Another user on YouTube also commented that these could be Chinese lanterns (which comes up on every YouTube UFO video, but it has good reason to), which is a possibility.

I myself won’t try to convince you it’s a UFO, as I usually try to keep things unbiased.  You can decide for yourself.

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Extremely bright lights in Fort Worth, Texas (May, 2011)

During May 2011 in Fort Worth, Texas, there was a series of extremely bright lights across a widespread area.  Here is a video of those explosions of light:

There are a number of explanations going about for this event, mostly people saying they were exploding transformers.  Some say it was from a concert with a special light show.

Who would be crazy enough to make lights that bright go off during a concert?  I can’t imagine how bright it must be if you’re right next to it – I find that explanation very unlikely.  Also, the lights spread across the entire camera screen, rather than in one concentrated area, like you’d expect from a concert.

Transformer explosions also seem a little out there, but not as much.  Here is a screenshot of a YouTube transformer explosion as it happens (from November 2006):

Transformer Explosion from November 2006

Transformer Explosion from November 2006

You’ll notice the thin ray of light stretching from top to bottom, striking through the center of a splotch of very bright blue light.

However, this was only a small distance from the video recorder, but in the May 2011 video above you’ll see the lights are farther from the recorder.  The user on YouTube who uploaded the video also says the lights in his/her neighborhood were out for “some hours”.  In the video above, you’ll see no lights even flashing on and off – if so many transformers were exploding, why are no lights going off whatsoever, even for a second?

Here’s another screenshot of one of the explosions in the May 2011 video:

May 2011 Bright Explosion of Light

May 2011 Bright Explosion of Light

The light from the May 2011 video is much brighter.

I’m not sure, maybe transformers from 2006 don’t explode as bright as transformers from 2011, maybe it has to do with how they were destroyed (though neither of the videos seem to show any lightning, rain, hail, etc.)

People also claim UFOs were seen above the flashing lights.  Watching the video from 0:20 and onwards, you can see small lights above the explosions pop into the screen.

Take note UFO does not mean “Alien Spacecraft come to kill us all” or any other form of that sentence – it means “Unidentified Flying Object”.  An object that is currently not identified.  Not a spacecraft, not a demon, not an angel, something I am currently incapable of naming.

Leave your opinion in the form of a comment below.

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(Videos Included) Continued alien sightings in Australia

For a while now, a young man in Australia has been uploading videos to YouTube regarding what he believes is an alien in his back yard.  This post holds links to my articles on these sightings.

These sightings are recorded by Alex and uploaded to his YouTube channel, ThePolishedKnob.

Here’s the link to my article on the sightings, with videos and my comments included:

8th Sighting

9th Sighting

10th Sighting


12th Sighting

You can find the others on ThePolishedKnob’s Channel on YouTube.

(Video Included) Alien in Australia attempts to drag away victim

This is the 10th sighting of a strange being by Alex, YouTube user “ThePolishedKnob”, in Australia.  You can find links to my reviews on sightings 8 and 9 here.

Here is the video:

Caution! This video contains heavy swearing.  Some viewers may want to lower their volume or mute the video before watching.  Sound may help give a better feel to the video, but it is not absolutely necessary.

Also, for a better viewing experience, don’t forget to set the video quality as high as it will go before watching!

0:20 – the being can be seen behind the grass

1:16 – video recorder walks up to the tall grass with a flashlight

1:39 – video recorder is tripped and dragged into the grass (swearing all the way)

2:20 – video recorder runs out of grass a few feet from where he was dragged into the grass and precedes back onto the porch, where the camera is positioned on a tripod

2:28 – video recorder grabs camera, panting heavily, and retreats into the house

In another video with the same footage but featuring commentary from Alex (the video recorder) on what had happened, Alex says that he checks the backyard frequently every night to see if the alien is there.

He says it felt like nothing was grabbing him at all, yet he was being pulled.  Once he got “down there” he said he started struggling and got up.  After that, the being grabbed his shirt from the left and he pulled away, causing the shirt to rip open as he ran.  He then turned to the right, found the lights of his house, and ran towards it as fast as he could.

He also says that the whole time he was in the tall grass, he didn’t see the being fully because he’d dropped his flashlight.  Later the next morning, in another video in daylight, he found the flashlight on the ground, the top open and the two batteries lying scattered across the floor as if the being had opened it and then left it there.

Scratch Marks

In another video, Alex shows the scratch marks on his arms and says he was scratched all over while being dragged.  He also explains that he didn’t know why he went down there, but he “had this feeling” and he “wanted to go down there”.

Here is that video, and once again, there is swearing involved:

Alien sighted for the ninth time in Australia (Video Included)


For a while now, a young man in Australia has been uploading videos to YouTube regarding what he believes is an alien in his back yard.  This is an update on the ninth sighting.

It’s suggested that you see my post on the rest of the sightings by clicking here if you haven’t already read it.

So here’s the video:

WARNING!  The following video is filled with swearing and obscene language.  If you do not want to hear this language, you may mute the sound by either turning off your speakers or hitting the sound button on the YouTube video in the bottom left corner.  It is suggested that you leave sound on, as it may give a better understanding to the video.

Don’t forget to turn the quality of the video as high as you can before watching!

This time, the recorder is trying to communicate with the being using a flashlight and speech.  He sets up the camera and walks down a bit further into his yard, off of the deck and onto the grass.

Around 1:45, the being begins rustling the tall grass around it and the recorder steps back.  He says he now thinks he “pissed it off” with his attempts at communication.

The YouTube user “ThePolishedKnob” is the one uploading these videos.  The channel has about 800 subscribers as of now.  There are 9 sighting videos as of now.

You can find the others on ThePolishedKnob’s Channel on YouTube.