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Guide to filming and uploading viewable UFO footage

I watch quite a few UFO videos per day, most from YouTube, so I decided to point out some of the things that discredit your footage or irritate your viewers.

Small time spent filming discredits your footage

The thing that ticks off viewers most is a ten second video of a UFO.

This is because most of the time, internet trolls who are trying to be…well, I don’t know, I guess annoying, will want to make a very fake UFO video so that the viewers know they are being hoaxed, which will spur replies.  You want to show you are not one of those typical trolls – in fact, you want to show you are not a troll at all.

What these trolls will do is spend a very small amount of time in the process of creating this film.  Say, ten to thirty seconds.  This is usually because they don’t want to invest too much time into the footage – they just want others to watch it, and if they could get ten people to watch those ten seconds that they spent one minute creating, they just made a troll’s version of profit.

I’m fine with a UFO video lasting thirty seconds if the UFO disappears or flies too far to reach by that time, but when you randomly stop the video thirty seconds in while the “amazing, 100% proof” UFO is still in the sky, it implies that you really don’t think it’s groundbreaking enough to spend more than a few seconds filming.

Zooming out every now and then may prevent a disoriented viewer

It’s difficult to tell where you are in some YouTube UFO videos.  This is because the video starts and ends with 300% zoom on the UFO and all you see is that light.

I like decent zoom, but I also like to see the surroundings with no zoom at least once throughout the video, that way I can get a better judgment on how big this UFO looks to a regular viewer in the city streets (or wherever you are).

Over-zooming on some cameras will blur the UFO

Sometimes, the camera will have too much zoom on the UFO.  Too much zoom is when the UFO starts to blur to the point where you can’t tell the general shape – it will look like it was made with no detail whatsoever in a pixel art program, like Paint.

Keep a steady camera

This is difficult for some people, and I don’t blame them.  It’s hard to hold a camera still, especially a large, hefty camera.  Don’t hate yourself if the video is a little shaky, if your hands are rattling from freezing weather.

I would suggest you attempt to find something to prop your camera against.  Set the camera on a nearby rock (as long as you don’t think the rock will scratch your expensive camera), on your car’s dashboard, on a plastic lawn chair, whatever is available that won’t crumble under the weight of the camera or damage the camera.

This works especially well if the UFO is still, but if it is moving, you can still try, just keep a steady hand pressed against the camera and make sure you don’t jerk the camera too much while following the UFO.

For fast-moving UFOs, don’t bother zooming in fully

If a UFO is moving so fast that you have to constantly jerk the camera around, there’s not much of a point in zooming in fully.  Give yourself enough space to comfortably follow it without it falling out of the screen every half second.

Don’t replace the sound when uploading

If you’re going to upload to YouTube or a similar site (maybe a site of your own), it adds credibility to leave the original sound of the video as it is.

This is because sometimes people will want to listen to see if they can hear an engine to the UFO or something similar that may add or remove credibility.

Find a way to acknowledge any passersby that are also looking at the UFO

If you’re in a city or similar populated area and there are others nearby watching the UFO, it will add credibility to get a small snip of footage of them staring into the sky, just as confused as you are.

This will help others know you didn’t add the UFO with a computer program, especially if it’s huge.  It would look awfully suspicious if there’s a gargantuan UFO hovering inches from skyscrapers nearby and no one else is looking at it.

Do not try to force your opinion on the viewer

This isn’t really to add credibility, it’s more to not annoying your viewers.  Honestly, saying things like, “You guys have to WAKE UP there are aliens EVERYWHERE and you have NO CLUE you DIMWITTED FOOLS!” will most likely start an argument rather than convince people to believe otherwise.  If you said those things in the video, leave the original sound and apologize for your rantings on whatever site you’re posting the video to.

Otherwise, don’t leave these dominative opinions in your comments or video description on YouTube (not even in little annotations on the video, which usually just say “Enter text here”).  No one likes to have others’ opinions forced upon them.

If someone’s opinion is stated in the comments section that defies your opinion, there’s no need to flame them or troll them or delete their comment, just leave them be; everyone is entitled to their own views and expressing those views.

Of course, you can do whatever you want when you film and upload your footage; these are just things that I suggest doing, as one who watches a fair amount of UFO videos online.

Extremely bright lights in Fort Worth, Texas (May, 2011)

During May 2011 in Fort Worth, Texas, there was a series of extremely bright lights across a widespread area.  Here is a video of those explosions of light:

There are a number of explanations going about for this event, mostly people saying they were exploding transformers.  Some say it was from a concert with a special light show.

Who would be crazy enough to make lights that bright go off during a concert?  I can’t imagine how bright it must be if you’re right next to it – I find that explanation very unlikely.  Also, the lights spread across the entire camera screen, rather than in one concentrated area, like you’d expect from a concert.

Transformer explosions also seem a little out there, but not as much.  Here is a screenshot of a YouTube transformer explosion as it happens (from November 2006):

Transformer Explosion from November 2006

Transformer Explosion from November 2006

You’ll notice the thin ray of light stretching from top to bottom, striking through the center of a splotch of very bright blue light.

However, this was only a small distance from the video recorder, but in the May 2011 video above you’ll see the lights are farther from the recorder.  The user on YouTube who uploaded the video also says the lights in his/her neighborhood were out for “some hours”.  In the video above, you’ll see no lights even flashing on and off – if so many transformers were exploding, why are no lights going off whatsoever, even for a second?

Here’s another screenshot of one of the explosions in the May 2011 video:

May 2011 Bright Explosion of Light

May 2011 Bright Explosion of Light

The light from the May 2011 video is much brighter.

I’m not sure, maybe transformers from 2006 don’t explode as bright as transformers from 2011, maybe it has to do with how they were destroyed (though neither of the videos seem to show any lightning, rain, hail, etc.)

People also claim UFOs were seen above the flashing lights.  Watching the video from 0:20 and onwards, you can see small lights above the explosions pop into the screen.

Take note UFO does not mean “Alien Spacecraft come to kill us all” or any other form of that sentence – it means “Unidentified Flying Object”.  An object that is currently not identified.  Not a spacecraft, not a demon, not an angel, something I am currently incapable of naming.

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Black spheres dancing above Florida treetops – what are they? 13/1/2011

A video was uploaded to YouTube featuring two black orbs making strange movements above trees in Florida, January 13, 2011.

Skip to 0:38 (thirty eight seconds into the video) to see the video with closer zoom.

I’m sure that your first guess will be ‘Birds!’  That was my first guess, too, and I almost backed out of the video because of that.  But when I continued to watch, I noticed the ‘UFOs’ don’t seem to have flapping wings.

When a bird flaps its wings, it rocks and flitters, but these seem to take smooth dives and paths.

They also seem to be able to instantly redirect their path.  I’ve not seen a bird that can do that.

One of them even seems to pause for a moment before continuing.  To see this, skip to 0:57 and watch the UFO on the left side of the screen.  Maybe I’m mistaken and it’s just making a sharp circle or maybe the camera is moving in a way that makes it look like the UFO isn’t moving.

Some people say this could also be electronic, remote-controlled devices, like a childrens toy helicopter or jet, mainly because of the noise heard in the video.  I honestly don’t believe toys would make strange movements like those and neither do I think children would fly them into the clouds at the end of the video or as high as they are in the video.  Would a remote controlled device even be able to travel so far away from the remote?

Relating to the noise, I first though it was added into the video to add dramatic effect.  Most all UFO videos on YouTube will have music playing in the background with the ‘official alien music’ or other dramatic, horror-movie music.

I don’t know what they are, but I don’t think I’m ready to say it’s a bird or a remote-controlled device.

If you want me to add anything to the post or if you want to leave your opinion, just write down a comment below.

UFO Sightings of January 2011

Here is a collection of YouTube UFO sightings from January 2011.  I’ll leave my opinion on the sightings if I have anything to say.

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YouTube UFO videos claim to show fake airplanes

YouTube ‘Fake Airplanes’ 

Lately, YouTube has been seeing many videos that claim to be showing UFOs faking to be airplanes.

Here is one video that shows what seems to be a typical airplane, only the lighting changes near the end.

Skip to around 1:17 (one minute and seventeen seconds) of the video to see the lighting change in slow motion.

The owner of this video, YouTube username ‘alienphotog’, claims that these are not landing lights.

“These are not landing lights. They do not go in a straight line. They are only on about 5 miles before landing. This was 30 miles from the nearest airport.”

But Why?

The theory behind the reason of these ‘fake airplanes’ is that there are extraterrestrials, or aliens, if you will, in these planes.  But why would aliens want to show themselves so clearly?  If they didn’t want to be suspected, why disguise themselves like airplanes rather than just turning off all of their lighting?  If they wanted to be seen, why not make it obvious with something more phenomenal?

Photog responds to these questions with “They are being very kind. They could freak a lot of us out! They are subtley but very clearly showing us something new is up there.” (‘They’ being used to refer to the so-called controllers of the fake airplanes)

Other YouTube users claim that they also see these fake airplanes over their own homes, and many relate it to the chemtrail conspiracy theory (don’t know what the chemtrail theory is?  Read about it on Wikipedia: Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory).

Here is a YouTube video claiming a white orb turns into a ‘fake airplane’.

During the zoom-in, you can see the wing lights of the airplane flashing.  This makes me skeptical.  I myself have been decieved to think a plane was a star because it was abnormally bright and it was very far away, but eventually it caught up to me and I found out it was a plane.  Maybe there’s a chance that this video shows an extraterrestrial craft faking to be an airplane and that the plane I saw and thought to be a star was also a fake airplane, but I’m not buying it.  It’s very unlikely, in my opinion.

The ‘orb’ in this video does seem to be abnormally bright, but a commenter claims that having the camera out of focus can cause this to happen.

Now, these videos were posted in 2009 and early 2010, but there are still videos of fake airplanes being posted today, and recent comments from users still claim they see these planes and that they are chemtrailers.

My Personal Sightings of Strange Planes

I don’t like to jump into conspiracy theories and I try to keep my content neutral, not a believer in aliens but also not a non-believer.  I do this generally by asking realistic questions.

I myself have been seeing some strange aircraft lately, but I’ve not yet seen any ‘chemtrailing’, and I am quite skeptical about the entire chemtrailing theory.  It doesn’t sound very likely to me.

The planes I’ve seen have been out of the ordinary.  They seem to have added routes that I don’t remember, ever since about a month or two ago.  Some of them don’t have headlights and only have flashing lights.  Others have very bright headlights.

One particularly interesting airplane I saw was moving very slow, but it didn’t seem to be extremely far away from me.  It looked too big to be so far from my house, but it was going too slow to be close to my house.  The strangest part about it was the extremely bright flashing lights.  It had no headlights, but it had flashing red lights that were the brightest I’ve ever seen on an airplane.  It disappeared behind my trees and I didn’t see it again.

Another that took a route that seemed to go nearly directly upwards had a strangely red headlight and a few flashing lights.

Observations on Youtube UFO Videos

 YouTube UFO videos are commonly fake, most of them created by a program called Adobe AfterEffects.  Here at Alien Enigma, you may find many YouTube UFO videos with my observations included.

This post contains a few YouTube UFO videos and my observations.

You might also be interested in the YouTube UFOs of December 2010, which contains links to all posts of UFO sightings filmed during December.

 Haiti UFO

This video is rather famous with 12 million views and nearing 13 million.  Though it looks a bit realistic, it seems like there would be much more commotion from the camera than just a gasp in the beginning of the video.  The video description claims that this video was shot “on the evening of August 6th, 2007” and it was uploaded to YouTube on August 9th, 2007.

Strangely, there isn’t any light from the UFOs on any objects below them…besides a glimpse on the roof of a structure.  Watching the video around 0:05 (the fifth second of the video) up to about 0:07 (7th second), or until the UFO passes over the camera and the camera tilts upwards, you can see a flash of light on the rooftop of one of the buildings.  Besides that, there really is no light from the bottoms of the UFOs falling on anything else.

Pausing the video around 0:08, which is just around the time when the UFO is directly above the camera, you can see the malevolent-looking bottom of the craft.  This video is rather entertaining, but there seems to be more of a chance that it’s fake than there is real.



UFO Over London Fake Video

I’m 99.9% sure that the oncoming video is fake…just thought I’d let you know before you watched it and started a viewer’s massacre of judgements.

I imagine the person who filmed this ‘UFO’ was probably taking a morning walk to get some coffee and decided to turn on his camera.  So he filmed the sky, and near the end of the video, the small grunt you hear was probably him laughing at the idea of “Hey maybe I should use AfterEffects to put a UFO in this video, then post it on YouTube”

The audio in the video is nearly silent besides the “Ch” in the beginning, the passing vehicle and his ending grunt.  You’d think you could hear amazed gasps from other pedestrians or the slamming brakes of cars that stopped to view the phenomenon.

In my opinion, there is about a 99.9% chance that this UFO video is fake.



 UFO In Nanjing, China

This video, with a shaky camera and a blurry picture, shows a UFO hover and disappear in the near sky.

Honestly, all of these “UFO in China” videos seem to be fake.  The UFOs shown are just downright cliche, the way they disappear after hovering, it’s just been overdone and under-believed.  This just seems really fake to me.




Obama Inauguration UFO

Many people have heard of the UFO that flew over President Obama’s inauguration.  I have already made a post on that with videos included.  Here is the link: Obama Inauguration UFO.  Opens in the a new window.



NYC UFO 2010

I have also made a post on the NYC UFO of 2010, which can be found here: NYC UFO with Video.  Opens in a new window

Other YouTube UFO videos

Here are some of the other Alien Enigma posts on YouTube UFO videos that you may be interested in.  Each of these links opens in a new window and will not take you away from Alien Enigma.

YouTube ‘Donut’ UFO in Amsterdam, December 2010

Moscow UFO, November 2010.

Star-like pulsing UFO in Largo, FL, November 2010.

Flying disc with rotating lights in Elon, North Carolina.

UFO at Obama’s Inauguration?

  This is a pretty popular video and people have been passing it around, though I may be a bit late.  There was apparently a UFO over Obama’s inauguration that CNN filmed by accident.  There are quite a few of the videos on Youtube.

  Here’s one of them:

  This video is a run-over of the CNN footage that ultimately leads to a slow-motion, zoomed in view of the UFO and shows that it is flapping its wings.  The UFO, with that view, looks like a bird.  Black, medium sized bird with wings flapping.  To see the slow-motion zoom in, skip to the 1:40 (1 minute and 40 seconds) mark in the video.

  The strange thing about this video is that the UFO is very fast and it doesn’t look like a bird could move that fast.  To see the original speed video of the UFO, skip to the 0:34 (34 seconds, 0 minutes) mark in the video.

  Now I’m sure there will be a lot of people coming up with theories about all kinds of stuff like Obama brings the UFOs and the government is hiding it or whatever.  A lot of people will probably believe that it was a bird, especially the ones who saw the wings flapping.  I don’t really know what to think, in my honest opinion.  Seeing as I saw the wings flapping I thought it was a bird, but certainly a bird in DC won’t move that fast?  Here’s the link to the video I have already shown so that you may read comments: Youtube Video: Inauguration UFO

  I’m led to believe that the video is actually sped up, but several other Youtube videos of the same footage seem to have the same speed…maybe they all sped up the video to make it look “too fast for a bird”?

  Here is another video that seems to be at normal speed:

  In this video, you can see that the people on the bottom are moving at normal speed.

    Now, the video is pretty convincing to me, but everyone has their own opinion.  Feel free to comment and tell me what you think.

  Once again, the links:

  First video shown on the post, the one with the slow motion zoom in: UFO Obama Inauguration – CNN. Was there really a UFO filmed by CNN at the Inauguration?

  Second video shown on the post, the one I believe is at normal speed: UFO At Obama Inauguration