NYC UFOs are now showing up in El Paso, Texas

The UFOs that caught the attention of New Yorkers on December 13th have shown up in El Paso, Texas, around two days after the NYC incident.

Sadly enough, as I mentioned before in the NYC UFO post, the news reporters are still oblivious to the fact that UFO means ‘Unidentified Flying Object’ not ‘Alien space ship that is going to squash us like miserable little bugs on a sidewalk’.  “Others, though, said it looked like a UFO.”

Anyway, this is definitely a strange occurance.  The UFOs show up in Manhattan, NYC, and are said to be balloons from an engagement party, but now they show up in El Paso, Texas, two days later, and are said to be a light show?  I’m sure conspiracy theorists aren’t going to believe this.

You may want to read up on:

  • The UFOs in Manhattan, NYC, that showed up around December 13th.  Read up on them here on Alien Enigma: click here.
  • The cover story saying that the NYC UFOs were ‘balloons from an engagement party’: click here.

  Both links will bring you to another post here on Alien Enigma in a new window.

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  1. From what I read, balloons don’t behave the way the NYC object did – balloons drift with the wind. These were stationary.

    There are some good books out on the subject.


    • Yes, I’ve taken note on that in my post on the UFOs in NYC. Many people said that at one time, they would see the UFOs in the air, and the next time they look, they would be gone, or more would have appeared. The passersby said that they hovered in the air, whereas balloons do not.

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