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UFO Sightings of January 2011

Here is a collection of YouTube UFO sightings from January 2011.  I’ll leave my opinion on the sightings if I have anything to say.

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YouTube UFO Hovering Low Over Water in El Granada, CA – December 16, 2010

A YouTube UFO with a strange, shimmering appearance is caught hovering over water in El Granada, CA, near Pillar Point Harbor.  This video has 5 minutes worth of footage, which is unusual in fake videos as people won’t want to spend very much time on faking a UFO.

Don’t forget to set the video quality as high as it will go before watching.

UFOs shutting down US nuclear weaponry – are they trying to tell us something?

Robert Hastings, a UFO researcher, says that more than 120 former or retired US military personnel have witnessed strange UFOs over nuclear missile sites, nuclear weapon storage areas, and nuclear weapons test sites.  He says that these witnesses have described the UFOs to have the shape of a disc, cylinder or sphere.  They say that these crafts are capable of hovering and make little to no noise.

“I believe – these gentlemen believe – that this planet is being visited by beings from another world.  Who, for whatever reason, have taken an interest in the nuclear arms race which began at the end of World War II,” he says.

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NYC UFOs are now showing up in El Paso, Texas

The UFOs that caught the attention of New Yorkers on December 13th have shown up in El Paso, Texas, around two days after the NYC incident.

Sadly enough, as I mentioned before in the NYC UFO post, the news reporters are still oblivious to the fact that UFO means ‘Unidentified Flying Object’ not ‘Alien space ship that is going to squash us like miserable little bugs on a sidewalk’.  “Others, though, said it looked like a UFO.”

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UFOs over NYC said to be balloons…but is anyone buying it?

Many people stopped to stare at the UFOs over NYC on December 13th, but now the UFOs are said to be balloons from an engagement party.  Read more on the NYC December 13th UFOs here on Alien Enigma (link opens in a new window).

Honestly, I don’t think it sounds very likely that so many people would stop and stare at balloons.  I mean, these UFOs got the attention of many, many people in NYC.  As one of the people in the video of the previous post said, ‘balloons don’t stand still’.

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Observations on Youtube UFO Videos

 YouTube UFO videos are commonly fake, most of them created by a program called Adobe AfterEffects.  Here at Alien Enigma, you may find many YouTube UFO videos with my observations included.

This post contains a few YouTube UFO videos and my observations.

You might also be interested in the YouTube UFOs of December 2010, which contains links to all posts of UFO sightings filmed during December.

 Haiti UFO

This video is rather famous with 12 million views and nearing 13 million.  Though it looks a bit realistic, it seems like there would be much more commotion from the camera than just a gasp in the beginning of the video.  The video description claims that this video was shot “on the evening of August 6th, 2007” and it was uploaded to YouTube on August 9th, 2007.

Strangely, there isn’t any light from the UFOs on any objects below them…besides a glimpse on the roof of a structure.  Watching the video around 0:05 (the fifth second of the video) up to about 0:07 (7th second), or until the UFO passes over the camera and the camera tilts upwards, you can see a flash of light on the rooftop of one of the buildings.  Besides that, there really is no light from the bottoms of the UFOs falling on anything else.

Pausing the video around 0:08, which is just around the time when the UFO is directly above the camera, you can see the malevolent-looking bottom of the craft.  This video is rather entertaining, but there seems to be more of a chance that it’s fake than there is real.



UFO Over London Fake Video

I’m 99.9% sure that the oncoming video is fake…just thought I’d let you know before you watched it and started a viewer’s massacre of judgements.

I imagine the person who filmed this ‘UFO’ was probably taking a morning walk to get some coffee and decided to turn on his camera.  So he filmed the sky, and near the end of the video, the small grunt you hear was probably him laughing at the idea of “Hey maybe I should use AfterEffects to put a UFO in this video, then post it on YouTube”

The audio in the video is nearly silent besides the “Ch” in the beginning, the passing vehicle and his ending grunt.  You’d think you could hear amazed gasps from other pedestrians or the slamming brakes of cars that stopped to view the phenomenon.

In my opinion, there is about a 99.9% chance that this UFO video is fake.



 UFO In Nanjing, China

This video, with a shaky camera and a blurry picture, shows a UFO hover and disappear in the near sky.

Honestly, all of these “UFO in China” videos seem to be fake.  The UFOs shown are just downright cliche, the way they disappear after hovering, it’s just been overdone and under-believed.  This just seems really fake to me.




Obama Inauguration UFO

Many people have heard of the UFO that flew over President Obama’s inauguration.  I have already made a post on that with videos included.  Here is the link: Obama Inauguration UFO.  Opens in the a new window.



NYC UFO 2010

I have also made a post on the NYC UFO of 2010, which can be found here: NYC UFO with Video.  Opens in a new window

Other YouTube UFO videos

Here are some of the other Alien Enigma posts on YouTube UFO videos that you may be interested in.  Each of these links opens in a new window and will not take you away from Alien Enigma.

YouTube ‘Donut’ UFO in Amsterdam, December 2010

Moscow UFO, November 2010.

Star-like pulsing UFO in Largo, FL, November 2010.

Flying disc with rotating lights in Elon, North Carolina.

I saw two small, moving lights in the night sky

  I was just out on my porch, looking at a single star in the sky.  Then I noticed a small, star-shaped light floating across the sky next to the one I was watching.  Shortly after the first UFO blinked away and could no longer be seen, a second UFO started floating by with nearly the same path and in the same speed.  They were both the same in appearance; blue star-like flying objects.  They flew smoothly and they moved at an average speed.  They were about the size of a star, though rather faint.

   I doubt they were airplanes due to how high up they’d have to be, but they could’ve been some kind of plane.  They didn’t seem to take the path that most airplanes take and they were moving faster than airplanes over my house normally move, and they were probably much higher up.

  Sadly, my old MP3 player that was with me wasn’t as high-tech as the latest stuff, so I couldn’t take any pictures or videos.

Black cylinder spotted in the sky

It was “around 30 feet long and around 400 feet off of the ground”.  It was long and shaped like a cylinder, shiny and pointing vertically towards the ground.   


   The cylinder was spotted in Black Country by Mike Tunnicliffe, who lives on Sutton Road.  He says:

   “It came so quickly and then within five minutes it was gone.

   “I live close to the arboretum where there have been balloon festivals before, but I am sure it wasn’t a hot air balloon.

   “Nor was it a tethered balloon or blimp.  I am at a loss at what it could have been.”

   According to Mike, he spotted the UFO at 2:45 PM, Sunday 28th, June 2009, over the Mellish Road area and over Calderfields golf course then towards Lichfield Road.

  Quotes and information from this article.  Link opens in a new window.

A triangular UFO over Ireland. Or was it California..?

  A video showing a UFO making its way over Ireland also made its way into many British tablets.

  The video shows a triangular UFO flying in the night sky.  It appears to be filmed through a telescope of some sort and it is said to not be visible to the naked eye.  The video can be found here:  Please note: the UFO comes later in the video, about 22 (twenty two) seconds into the video, and the first light is an airplane.

  The strange thing about this Youtube video is that it says in the description “filmed 12/5/08 in fremont, ca.”  Well isn’t that a twist.  The sighting was supposed to be in Ireland, but the video was filmed in California?

  The UFO in this video is very strange and it even makes a nice turn, too.  I like this video very much.

  For more information, go to the FOX News Article.

UFO at Obama’s Inauguration?

  This is a pretty popular video and people have been passing it around, though I may be a bit late.  There was apparently a UFO over Obama’s inauguration that CNN filmed by accident.  There are quite a few of the videos on Youtube.

  Here’s one of them:

  This video is a run-over of the CNN footage that ultimately leads to a slow-motion, zoomed in view of the UFO and shows that it is flapping its wings.  The UFO, with that view, looks like a bird.  Black, medium sized bird with wings flapping.  To see the slow-motion zoom in, skip to the 1:40 (1 minute and 40 seconds) mark in the video.

  The strange thing about this video is that the UFO is very fast and it doesn’t look like a bird could move that fast.  To see the original speed video of the UFO, skip to the 0:34 (34 seconds, 0 minutes) mark in the video.

  Now I’m sure there will be a lot of people coming up with theories about all kinds of stuff like Obama brings the UFOs and the government is hiding it or whatever.  A lot of people will probably believe that it was a bird, especially the ones who saw the wings flapping.  I don’t really know what to think, in my honest opinion.  Seeing as I saw the wings flapping I thought it was a bird, but certainly a bird in DC won’t move that fast?  Here’s the link to the video I have already shown so that you may read comments: Youtube Video: Inauguration UFO

  I’m led to believe that the video is actually sped up, but several other Youtube videos of the same footage seem to have the same speed…maybe they all sped up the video to make it look “too fast for a bird”?

  Here is another video that seems to be at normal speed:

  In this video, you can see that the people on the bottom are moving at normal speed.

    Now, the video is pretty convincing to me, but everyone has their own opinion.  Feel free to comment and tell me what you think.

  Once again, the links:

  First video shown on the post, the one with the slow motion zoom in: UFO Obama Inauguration – CNN. Was there really a UFO filmed by CNN at the Inauguration?

  Second video shown on the post, the one I believe is at normal speed: UFO At Obama Inauguration