Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions related to the site that have been asked frequently in comments:


Q: What are you using to host your website?

A: I’m using’s free service as of now.  This is the reason for the “” at the end of my URL.


Q: What theme are you using for your website and is it free?

A: I had been using Modularity Lite in the past, but I am currently using Mystique.  You can find the theme of WordPress sites on the complete bottom of their pages.

The theme I’m currently using is free if you’re using a WordPress account, but I’m not absolutely sure how and if you can get it for a site not hosted with WordPress.


Q: Do you have a way of donating to your site?

A: Not right now.  Since I don’t pay anything to maintain this website, I don’t find it necessary to set up a donate button.  It would feel like stealing people’s money.


Q: Can I use your content for my own website?

A: I’m fine with people re-posting my posts or parts of my posts, but only if you leave a link in your post to the post of mine that you’re using content from.


If you have a question or a comment for the site, leave it on the Comments page and I may add it on this page after answering it.

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