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Mass UFO sightings from July 2011

UFO activity has risen during July, 2011, and the video above attempts to compile some of those sightings, but I’m sure there are many more that couldn’t fit.  They all seem similar to each other, but they can’t be firecrackers or Chinese lanterns.


UFO during July 4th, 2011 in Cache Valley, Utah

This UFO video from YouTube shows an object that continuously grows brighter and then dies out, seemingly hovering high in the sky.  It moves occasionally, but not by much.  It might be a bit out of focus, but I’m not entirely sure if that’s just how it looks in general.

As you can see, there are fireworks in the background, but they are much lower than the UFO, plus there aren’t any firecrackers I know of that can do this (not that I’m a firecracker expert…)

The description of the video on YouTube says that the video was originally 7 (seven) minutes long but was edited to cut out blurry parts.  It proceeds to say that no other editing was done on the video.

Amazing repeated UFO sightings in Texas, 2011

UFO sightings claiming to come from Texas in an unconfirmed location have been rising up on YouTube.  There are three videos as of now, all filmed by the same person.

The first shows a very bright orb of light moving steadily.  You can clearly see an airplane at the start of the video, which gives a good perspective on how big the object might be.

The second shows the UFO making strange, dynamic maneuvers.

The third shows multiple different objects in different formations, and I’m not quite sure how many UFOs were seen, as the video seems to cut in and out of different clips.


Don’t ask me why the video is shot through such a small, oval-shaped perspective…

UFO filmed over Tasmania, Mayfield during May 2011

A skateboarder, Brendon Hill from Tasmania, Mayfield, made news with his UFO sighting.  The following video shows the captured footage and, if you have sound enabled, you can hear his witness testimony.

Dozens of UFOs filmed over Canada, May 2011

A YouTube UFO video posted May 21, 2011, shows dozens of shining white orbs hovering around in the sky.  The video claims this footage was recorded in Canada, though it doesn’t give any more information (time, specific date, city, etc.)

Here is the original video:

Warning! The following video contains minor swearing.  Some viewers may feel more comfortable turning their sound off or muting the video before watching.

Don’t forget to set the video quality as high as it will go before watching!

Here’s the same video with a closer zoom, titled “stabilized” on YouTube, uploaded by a different user:

This is definitely an intriguing sighting.  The YouTube user who uploaded the second video with a 20-second duration, “RedCrow1973”  had an interesting description relating to the video:

“I stabilized and analyzed a section of this amazing video JUST to make sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me.

They weren’t.

Whatever the lights are, they are definitely and authentically captured on video by these folks in Canada. This is not a hoax. This is the real deal!

With the exception of the one craft moving from right to left, you’ll notice the lights don’t blink. This means they’re not planes or helicopters. They could possibly be made by Earth humans, but if they are – and that’s one BIG if – they’re a technology that’s being kept secret from you. I’d think you’d be getting tired of that sort of secret by now.

I confess that my hope and my belief are that this is evidence of our space friends making their presence undeniably known. They fade in and out of our density. They don’t have to allow themselves to be seen at all. But they’re keeping the lights “on”. They could zip toward their destination. They don’t. They take their time and make a show of it. You were supposed to see this. What will you do with the information? Will you take the time to ponder the implications? Or will you ignore it and go watch reruns of Jersey Shore?”

The description says to see the full clip uploaded by AlienDisclosureGroup, but I don’t know which one was uploaded by the video recorder.  Either way, the one I posted above (the first video, not the second) has 1080p quality and the AlienDisclosureGroup video has up to 460p quality, probably because they re-posted it from another user like they do for over half of their videos.  Both users uploaded these videos on May 21, 2011.

Another user on YouTube also commented that these could be Chinese lanterns (which comes up on every YouTube UFO video, but it has good reason to), which is a possibility.

I myself won’t try to convince you it’s a UFO, as I usually try to keep things unbiased.  You can decide for yourself.

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Large cigar-shaped UFO in Europe, May 2011

This YouTube UFO video shows a large UFO in the shape of a syringe/cigar.

Some people say it’s a scratch on the window or a piece of dirt on the window, but that’s really not valid when you can clearly see the UFO disappearing behind trees.  A thousand times over again you can see it pass behind the trees – come on, it’s not something on the window, it’s in the sky.  Whether or not it’s an ‘alien space ship’ or a ring of smoke, I don’t know, but I’m sure it’s not something on the window.

It is a little irritating that they couldn’t get out of their car for something like this, though.  It didn’t look like they were on a major highway, either, but hey, at least they filmed it at all.

Black spheres dancing above Florida treetops – what are they? 13/1/2011

A video was uploaded to YouTube featuring two black orbs making strange movements above trees in Florida, January 13, 2011.

Skip to 0:38 (thirty eight seconds into the video) to see the video with closer zoom.

I’m sure that your first guess will be ‘Birds!’  That was my first guess, too, and I almost backed out of the video because of that.  But when I continued to watch, I noticed the ‘UFOs’ don’t seem to have flapping wings.

When a bird flaps its wings, it rocks and flitters, but these seem to take smooth dives and paths.

They also seem to be able to instantly redirect their path.  I’ve not seen a bird that can do that.

One of them even seems to pause for a moment before continuing.  To see this, skip to 0:57 and watch the UFO on the left side of the screen.  Maybe I’m mistaken and it’s just making a sharp circle or maybe the camera is moving in a way that makes it look like the UFO isn’t moving.

Some people say this could also be electronic, remote-controlled devices, like a childrens toy helicopter or jet, mainly because of the noise heard in the video.  I honestly don’t believe toys would make strange movements like those and neither do I think children would fly them into the clouds at the end of the video or as high as they are in the video.  Would a remote controlled device even be able to travel so far away from the remote?

Relating to the noise, I first though it was added into the video to add dramatic effect.  Most all UFO videos on YouTube will have music playing in the background with the ‘official alien music’ or other dramatic, horror-movie music.

I don’t know what they are, but I don’t think I’m ready to say it’s a bird or a remote-controlled device.

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UFO Sightings of January 2011

Here is a collection of YouTube UFO sightings from January 2011.  I’ll leave my opinion on the sightings if I have anything to say.

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Footage of ‘alien mothership’ flying over Lima, Peru

This video has English subtitles.

If you want to know about the UFO that is mentioned later in this news report you can read all about it here: Cessna helicopter nearly collides with a strange craft, which also happened in Peru.

Red, flashing UFO over Moscow – December 30, 2010