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(Video Included) Multi-color flashing UFO in Moscow

A strange, flashing UFO with many colors is recorded in Moscow.

Don’t forget to set the video quality as high as it will go before you watch.

(Video Included) Star-like UFO fading in and out in Largo, FL

A YouTube UFO video shows a star-like UFO that fades in and out.  The witness claims it also moves slightly, though it’s hard to tell with the apparently hand-held camera shaking (but honestly, not many people who see a UFO have a tripod with them, so you can’t expect much).

The video owner claims that:

I would have taken another one with more zoom but I was terified at the moment.  Not to mention that recently I have been seeing strange things in the sky, and before I see them I’ve been hearing a shrill humming noise.

The video was filmed in Largo, Fl, around midnight, as the owner says.

Flying disc with rotating lights in Elon, North Carolina (Video Included)

A YouTube UFO video shows a ‘flying disc with rotating lights’ on November 5th, 2010.  The video says that it was taken at 2:57 AM in Elon, North Carolina, facing north.

You should probably skip to around 1:04 (one minute and four seconds) into the video to see a slow-motion clip of the UFO.  That’s also the closest the camera zooms on the UFO.

You may want to set the video quality as high as it will go.  If you’re viewing the slow-motion part of the video (0:42 to the end), you may want to mute the volume, as the slow-motion voices can be very distracting and/or annoying.

The video is pretty shakey, but it is especially strange.  There may be an explanation, but I’m certainly not in any place to offer one.

2010 YouTube UFO video shows strange white orbs

A YouTube UFO video shows two strange white orbs.

You should set the video quality as high as it will go, as it may make the UFOs easier to see.

The camera, as usual, isn’t very still, but that’s to be expected.

UFOs show up live in BBC news

On November 3rd, 2010, three orange orbs show up live in footage of BBC news.

Remember to set the quality as high as it will go with the small “360p” button at the video controls.

A lot of people will think these are reflections, as the light on the left may seem to go ‘on top’ of the black bar of the window.  The UFOs begin drifting away further into the video.  Around 1:38 (one minute and thirty eight seconds) and onward, the left light seems to melt away as it touches the bar.  This may be because the black bar isn’t reflective or because the ‘UFO’ is going behind it.

Another interesting thing about this video is the white strip near the bottom right corner of the screen.  It is most visible around 1:47 (one minute and fourty seven seconds) of the video and onward.

Here is another video from the same YouTube user that closes up on the bottom right of the screen, where the white UFO is.  Later in this second video, you can see the three orbs in a more close-up view, and it seems like there’s another smaller white orb next to the right-most orb.  You can see that around 2:00 (two minutes) into the video.

Once again, remember to set the video quality as high as it will go with the small “360p” button at the video controls.

Large, red, pulsating UFO over Brooklyn (YouTube UFO video)

A YouTube UFO video filmed October 28, 2010, shows a big, orange-red sphere hovering in the sky, brightly shining and fading repeatedly.  Another, similar but less bright UFO then appears and begins moving towards the first UFO.  The second UFO does not pulsate like the first.  It simply moves forward and slowly fades away when it nears the first UFO.

Before watching the video, please note that the man filming the video uses a very small amount of ‘inappropriate’ language.

This video is unusual and very strange.  The man who filmed the video says that he filmed “a stationary object in the sky that seemed to have needed some assistance”.  His explanation for the second UFO is that it was “trying to help a ‘homey’ out” (the homey being the first UFO).

Hovering orange orbs show in several YouTube UFO videos

Two YouTube UFO videos show orange-red orbs of light hovering in the sky.

For a good focus of the UFO in the first video, skip to around 0:20 of the video (twenty seconds into the video).

For a good focus of the UFO in the second video, skip to around 0:30 of the video (thirty seconds into the video).

The first video was filmed October 30, 2010, and the sighting took place in Covington, Kentucky.  The second video was sighted November 1st, 2010, and took place in Phoenix, Arizona.

Commenting YouTube users have replied to these videos saying that they, too, spotted these strange UFOs, and that “these things are popping up all over”.

The second video says that a few F-16s were heading towards the UFO.  At the end, the UFO disappears.  There are two parts to the video and eventually two of the orbs are visible.