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(Video Included) Star-like UFO fading in and out in Largo, FL

A YouTube UFO video shows a star-like UFO that fades in and out.  The witness claims it also moves slightly, though it’s hard to tell with the apparently hand-held camera shaking (but honestly, not many people who see a UFO have a tripod with them, so you can’t expect much).

The video owner claims that:

I would have taken another one with more zoom but I was terified at the moment.  Not to mention that recently I have been seeing strange things in the sky, and before I see them I’ve been hearing a shrill humming noise.

The video was filmed in Largo, Fl, around midnight, as the owner says.


2010 Youtube UFO in Melbourne, Australia

Uploaded to Youtube October 27, 2010, this video shows an oval/circle-like ball of white light traveling across the sky.

Supposedly filmed at 4:21 AM (according to information in the video description of the user).

This video shows interesting footage, seemingly ending in the UFO heading towards the moon (or at least a large blue ball).  I’m not sure what this witness was using to record the footage, so I can’t say for sure whether it was a close up or not, though the description says it was a ‘close UFO’ coming into his/her ‘field vision’.