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I saw two small, moving lights in the night sky

  I was just out on my porch, looking at a single star in the sky.  Then I noticed a small, star-shaped light floating across the sky next to the one I was watching.  Shortly after the first UFO blinked away and could no longer be seen, a second UFO started floating by with nearly the same path and in the same speed.  They were both the same in appearance; blue star-like flying objects.  They flew smoothly and they moved at an average speed.  They were about the size of a star, though rather faint.

   I doubt they were airplanes due to how high up they’d have to be, but they could’ve been some kind of plane.  They didn’t seem to take the path that most airplanes take and they were moving faster than airplanes over my house normally move, and they were probably much higher up.

  Sadly, my old MP3 player that was with me wasn’t as high-tech as the latest stuff, so I couldn’t take any pictures or videos.

3 saucer-like UFOs sighted over Sydney

  A woman claims she photographed UFOs over a busy street in Australia.  The woman, Fiona Hartigan, says the UFOs were gone in a few seconds but she managed to get pictures on her iPhone.  Fiona says she had her iPhone out to take a picture of the sunset when the UFOs appeared as black.

  For more information, see the FOX News article.

  For the picture, see the Daily Telegraph.