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A triangular UFO over Ireland. Or was it California..?

  A video showing a UFO making its way over Ireland also made its way into many British tablets.

  The video shows a triangular UFO flying in the night sky.  It appears to be filmed through a telescope of some sort and it is said to not be visible to the naked eye.  The video can be found here:  Please note: the UFO comes later in the video, about 22 (twenty two) seconds into the video, and the first light is an airplane.

  The strange thing about this Youtube video is that it says in the description “filmed 12/5/08 in fremont, ca.”  Well isn’t that a twist.  The sighting was supposed to be in Ireland, but the video was filmed in California?

  The UFO in this video is very strange and it even makes a nice turn, too.  I like this video very much.

  For more information, go to the FOX News Article.