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UFO over New York City, July 5th 2011

This video shows bright white-red UFOs.  The video claims to be filmed in New York City, though the voices in the video sound like they’re speaking Spanish…not that it’s impossible for Spanish people to be in New York City.

UFO during July 4th, 2011 in Cache Valley, Utah

This UFO video from YouTube shows an object that continuously grows brighter and then dies out, seemingly hovering high in the sky.  It moves occasionally, but not by much.  It might be a bit out of focus, but I’m not entirely sure if that’s just how it looks in general.

As you can see, there are fireworks in the background, but they are much lower than the UFO, plus there aren’t any firecrackers I know of that can do this (not that I’m a firecracker expert…)

The description of the video on YouTube says that the video was originally 7 (seven) minutes long but was edited to cut out blurry parts.  It proceeds to say that no other editing was done on the video.

UFO in Brookfield, Wisconsin during July 4th, 2011


This YouTube video shows an orange orb flying through the sky.  It seems to be a bit out of focus, though, maybe due to how much zoom was applied.  It seems things like this have been filmed before and put on YouTube, and no one seems to think they’re Chinese lanterns or firecrackers.  The video description states there was no wind at all.

Here is the full description of the video on YouTube:

“Reddish orange orb ufo 7/4/2011 in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Light headed straight north. It appeared to be just above the treeline when it first started to lift off, and I did see a round almost balloon like outline to it when we first saw it. There were 4 of them, and all four went off into the distance and should have still been visible when they disappeared. All 4 took off and disappeared within 2-3 minutes from ground to skyline. A loud bang was heard from the 2-3rd one almost like a shotgun shell when it disappeared. It was confusing because it looked slow (balloon slow) at first and then rose faster and faster. Headed due north WITHOUT the wind at all.”

Amazing repeated UFO sightings in Texas, 2011

UFO sightings claiming to come from Texas in an unconfirmed location have been rising up on YouTube.  There are three videos as of now, all filmed by the same person.

The first shows a very bright orb of light moving steadily.  You can clearly see an airplane at the start of the video, which gives a good perspective on how big the object might be.

The second shows the UFO making strange, dynamic maneuvers.

The third shows multiple different objects in different formations, and I’m not quite sure how many UFOs were seen, as the video seems to cut in and out of different clips.


Don’t ask me why the video is shot through such a small, oval-shaped perspective…

Dozens of UFOs filmed over Canada, May 2011

A YouTube UFO video posted May 21, 2011, shows dozens of shining white orbs hovering around in the sky.  The video claims this footage was recorded in Canada, though it doesn’t give any more information (time, specific date, city, etc.)

Here is the original video:

Warning! The following video contains minor swearing.  Some viewers may feel more comfortable turning their sound off or muting the video before watching.

Don’t forget to set the video quality as high as it will go before watching!

Here’s the same video with a closer zoom, titled “stabilized” on YouTube, uploaded by a different user:

This is definitely an intriguing sighting.  The YouTube user who uploaded the second video with a 20-second duration, “RedCrow1973”  had an interesting description relating to the video:

“I stabilized and analyzed a section of this amazing video JUST to make sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me.

They weren’t.

Whatever the lights are, they are definitely and authentically captured on video by these folks in Canada. This is not a hoax. This is the real deal!

With the exception of the one craft moving from right to left, you’ll notice the lights don’t blink. This means they’re not planes or helicopters. They could possibly be made by Earth humans, but if they are – and that’s one BIG if – they’re a technology that’s being kept secret from you. I’d think you’d be getting tired of that sort of secret by now.

I confess that my hope and my belief are that this is evidence of our space friends making their presence undeniably known. They fade in and out of our density. They don’t have to allow themselves to be seen at all. But they’re keeping the lights “on”. They could zip toward their destination. They don’t. They take their time and make a show of it. You were supposed to see this. What will you do with the information? Will you take the time to ponder the implications? Or will you ignore it and go watch reruns of Jersey Shore?”

The description says to see the full clip uploaded by AlienDisclosureGroup, but I don’t know which one was uploaded by the video recorder.  Either way, the one I posted above (the first video, not the second) has 1080p quality and the AlienDisclosureGroup video has up to 460p quality, probably because they re-posted it from another user like they do for over half of their videos.  Both users uploaded these videos on May 21, 2011.

Another user on YouTube also commented that these could be Chinese lanterns (which comes up on every YouTube UFO video, but it has good reason to), which is a possibility.

I myself won’t try to convince you it’s a UFO, as I usually try to keep things unbiased.  You can decide for yourself.

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Guide to filming and uploading viewable UFO footage

I watch quite a few UFO videos per day, most from YouTube, so I decided to point out some of the things that discredit your footage or irritate your viewers.

Small time spent filming discredits your footage

The thing that ticks off viewers most is a ten second video of a UFO.

This is because most of the time, internet trolls who are trying to be…well, I don’t know, I guess annoying, will want to make a very fake UFO video so that the viewers know they are being hoaxed, which will spur replies.  You want to show you are not one of those typical trolls – in fact, you want to show you are not a troll at all.

What these trolls will do is spend a very small amount of time in the process of creating this film.  Say, ten to thirty seconds.  This is usually because they don’t want to invest too much time into the footage – they just want others to watch it, and if they could get ten people to watch those ten seconds that they spent one minute creating, they just made a troll’s version of profit.

I’m fine with a UFO video lasting thirty seconds if the UFO disappears or flies too far to reach by that time, but when you randomly stop the video thirty seconds in while the “amazing, 100% proof” UFO is still in the sky, it implies that you really don’t think it’s groundbreaking enough to spend more than a few seconds filming.

Zooming out every now and then may prevent a disoriented viewer

It’s difficult to tell where you are in some YouTube UFO videos.  This is because the video starts and ends with 300% zoom on the UFO and all you see is that light.

I like decent zoom, but I also like to see the surroundings with no zoom at least once throughout the video, that way I can get a better judgment on how big this UFO looks to a regular viewer in the city streets (or wherever you are).

Over-zooming on some cameras will blur the UFO

Sometimes, the camera will have too much zoom on the UFO.  Too much zoom is when the UFO starts to blur to the point where you can’t tell the general shape – it will look like it was made with no detail whatsoever in a pixel art program, like Paint.

Keep a steady camera

This is difficult for some people, and I don’t blame them.  It’s hard to hold a camera still, especially a large, hefty camera.  Don’t hate yourself if the video is a little shaky, if your hands are rattling from freezing weather.

I would suggest you attempt to find something to prop your camera against.  Set the camera on a nearby rock (as long as you don’t think the rock will scratch your expensive camera), on your car’s dashboard, on a plastic lawn chair, whatever is available that won’t crumble under the weight of the camera or damage the camera.

This works especially well if the UFO is still, but if it is moving, you can still try, just keep a steady hand pressed against the camera and make sure you don’t jerk the camera too much while following the UFO.

For fast-moving UFOs, don’t bother zooming in fully

If a UFO is moving so fast that you have to constantly jerk the camera around, there’s not much of a point in zooming in fully.  Give yourself enough space to comfortably follow it without it falling out of the screen every half second.

Don’t replace the sound when uploading

If you’re going to upload to YouTube or a similar site (maybe a site of your own), it adds credibility to leave the original sound of the video as it is.

This is because sometimes people will want to listen to see if they can hear an engine to the UFO or something similar that may add or remove credibility.

Find a way to acknowledge any passersby that are also looking at the UFO

If you’re in a city or similar populated area and there are others nearby watching the UFO, it will add credibility to get a small snip of footage of them staring into the sky, just as confused as you are.

This will help others know you didn’t add the UFO with a computer program, especially if it’s huge.  It would look awfully suspicious if there’s a gargantuan UFO hovering inches from skyscrapers nearby and no one else is looking at it.

Do not try to force your opinion on the viewer

This isn’t really to add credibility, it’s more to not annoying your viewers.  Honestly, saying things like, “You guys have to WAKE UP there are aliens EVERYWHERE and you have NO CLUE you DIMWITTED FOOLS!” will most likely start an argument rather than convince people to believe otherwise.  If you said those things in the video, leave the original sound and apologize for your rantings on whatever site you’re posting the video to.

Otherwise, don’t leave these dominative opinions in your comments or video description on YouTube (not even in little annotations on the video, which usually just say “Enter text here”).  No one likes to have others’ opinions forced upon them.

If someone’s opinion is stated in the comments section that defies your opinion, there’s no need to flame them or troll them or delete their comment, just leave them be; everyone is entitled to their own views and expressing those views.

Of course, you can do whatever you want when you film and upload your footage; these are just things that I suggest doing, as one who watches a fair amount of UFO videos online.

Large cigar-shaped UFO in Europe, May 2011

This YouTube UFO video shows a large UFO in the shape of a syringe/cigar.

Some people say it’s a scratch on the window or a piece of dirt on the window, but that’s really not valid when you can clearly see the UFO disappearing behind trees.  A thousand times over again you can see it pass behind the trees – come on, it’s not something on the window, it’s in the sky.  Whether or not it’s an ‘alien space ship’ or a ring of smoke, I don’t know, but I’m sure it’s not something on the window.

It is a little irritating that they couldn’t get out of their car for something like this, though.  It didn’t look like they were on a major highway, either, but hey, at least they filmed it at all.

Dozens of UFOs over Krasnoyarsk Russia, May 2011

The following YouTube video shows dozens of small red lights, claiming to be filmed May 12 2011 and in Krasnoyarsk Russia.  I’m not sure if the dates are correct, but I’ll post them as they were presented.

These could be Chinese lanterns, but I’m not sure.  It’s hard to get a good look of them with the camera constantly moving back and forth, so it’s hard to see if there’s a flickering light like a small flame or not.  It doesn’t really look like it, but once again, it’s hard to tell.

I’m not sure if that’s the original video, either.  I think it was duplicated and re-posted (for no apparent reason, like every YouTube UFO video…)

(Video Included) Alien in Australia attempts to drag away victim

This is the 10th sighting of a strange being by Alex, YouTube user “ThePolishedKnob”, in Australia.  You can find links to my reviews on sightings 8 and 9 here.

Here is the video:

Caution! This video contains heavy swearing.  Some viewers may want to lower their volume or mute the video before watching.  Sound may help give a better feel to the video, but it is not absolutely necessary.

Also, for a better viewing experience, don’t forget to set the video quality as high as it will go before watching!

0:20 – the being can be seen behind the grass

1:16 – video recorder walks up to the tall grass with a flashlight

1:39 – video recorder is tripped and dragged into the grass (swearing all the way)

2:20 – video recorder runs out of grass a few feet from where he was dragged into the grass and precedes back onto the porch, where the camera is positioned on a tripod

2:28 – video recorder grabs camera, panting heavily, and retreats into the house

In another video with the same footage but featuring commentary from Alex (the video recorder) on what had happened, Alex says that he checks the backyard frequently every night to see if the alien is there.

He says it felt like nothing was grabbing him at all, yet he was being pulled.  Once he got “down there” he said he started struggling and got up.  After that, the being grabbed his shirt from the left and he pulled away, causing the shirt to rip open as he ran.  He then turned to the right, found the lights of his house, and ran towards it as fast as he could.

He also says that the whole time he was in the tall grass, he didn’t see the being fully because he’d dropped his flashlight.  Later the next morning, in another video in daylight, he found the flashlight on the ground, the top open and the two batteries lying scattered across the floor as if the being had opened it and then left it there.

Scratch Marks

In another video, Alex shows the scratch marks on his arms and says he was scratched all over while being dragged.  He also explains that he didn’t know why he went down there, but he “had this feeling” and he “wanted to go down there”.

Here is that video, and once again, there is swearing involved:

Has a real alien finally been accurately recorded in Australia?

A young man in Australia has  been uploading quite a few videos to YouTube lately regarding an ‘alien’ in his back yard.  These aren’t your typical videos posted by internet trolls; they’re actually quite realistic.

The Situation:

The video depicts a small alien that shows up, slightly concealed behind tall grass, and flashes a red light that looks similar to a laser pointer into the house or at the recorder.  Here is the latest, 8th sighting:

WARNING!  The following video is filled with swearing and obscene language.  If you do not want to hear this language, you may mute the sound by either turning off your speakers or hitting the sound button on the YouTube video in the bottom left corner.  It is suggested that you leave sound on, as it may give a better understanding to the video.

Don’t forget to turn the quality of the video as high as you can before watching!

0:37 – the being is first spotted

1:10 – the being emits the red light in the direction of the camera

1:32 – the power suddenly goes out and all lights in the house turn off

2:11 – the recorder says “Oh, I left the door open” followed by “I’m staying here”

2:29 – a smashing noise is heard and the recorder travels up the stairs to see if a window was smashed

3:23 – the power comes back on

3:47 – you can hear the being retreating

Many people are saying the recorder doesn’t sound genuinely afraid, which is what you’d expect if there was an alien in your backyard.  His friend offers no help to the case, merely repeating ‘nuh’ about 100 times throughout the video.

There are a few fear indicators in the video, however, that seem to hint that the recorder is scared.  First, at 1:10, when the being begins emitting a ray of light, the recorder jumps back inside and hides behind part of the wall.

Second, at 2:11, once the power is out and the camera pans back to the open door, the recorder says “Oh, I left the door open” and then says “I’m staying here”.  This is probably because he didn’t want to go to the door, not when the power had just gone out and a being was walking around in his back yard.  Not many young men would have the guts to go up and look out the door.

Later, a smashing noise is heard, which is purported to be a pot in the recorder’s yard.  This pot was later shown in a video uploaded by the recorder, smashed and being unloaded into a trash can.  He is offering the pieces to anyone who wants them, to run analysis or tests.  Here’s the video showing the bits of the pot:

The video shows the smashed pottery bits on the foot of the stairs to the deck.

This indicates that the being was perhaps trying to make its way up the steps and into the house where it accidentally smashed the pot.  This isn’t necessarily cold hard proof, but I felt it necessary to note it.

The YouTube channel “ThePolishedKnob” is the uploader of these videos.  The channel has about 800 subscribers as of now.  There are 10 sighting videos as of now.

You can find the others on ThePolishedKnob’s Channel on YouTube.

See my post about the ninth sighting by clicking anywhere on this sentence.