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Air traffic controllers say a UFO landed in their airport and then took off

  Two professional air traffic controllers were doing their job when the incident happened; a UFO landed briefly on the airfield the two were overseeing and then took off at high speeds.  The report came in April 19, 1984, at four in the afternoon in the eastern coast of England.  The air traffic controllers asked that their names were hidden because they didn’t want to lose their jobs.

  The air traffic controllers explained that they were helping a small plane come to a safe landing on runway 22 when the brightly lit UFO came at amazing speed, touched the ground on runway 27 and then descented in a near vertical climb with huge speed.

  David Clarke, a UFO expert who has worked with the National Archives on the document release says that “It was a bright, circular object, flashing different colors, and after it touched down it disappeared at fantastic speed. The report comes from very qualified people, and it’s one of the few that remained unexplained.”

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