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YouTube UFO videos claim to show fake airplanes

YouTube ‘Fake Airplanes’ 

Lately, YouTube has been seeing many videos that claim to be showing UFOs faking to be airplanes.

Here is one video that shows what seems to be a typical airplane, only the lighting changes near the end.

Skip to around 1:17 (one minute and seventeen seconds) of the video to see the lighting change in slow motion.

The owner of this video, YouTube username ‘alienphotog’, claims that these are not landing lights.

“These are not landing lights. They do not go in a straight line. They are only on about 5 miles before landing. This was 30 miles from the nearest airport.”

But Why?

The theory behind the reason of these ‘fake airplanes’ is that there are extraterrestrials, or aliens, if you will, in these planes.  But why would aliens want to show themselves so clearly?  If they didn’t want to be suspected, why disguise themselves like airplanes rather than just turning off all of their lighting?  If they wanted to be seen, why not make it obvious with something more phenomenal?

Photog responds to these questions with “They are being very kind. They could freak a lot of us out! They are subtley but very clearly showing us something new is up there.” (‘They’ being used to refer to the so-called controllers of the fake airplanes)

Other YouTube users claim that they also see these fake airplanes over their own homes, and many relate it to the chemtrail conspiracy theory (don’t know what the chemtrail theory is?  Read about it on Wikipedia: Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory).

Here is a YouTube video claiming a white orb turns into a ‘fake airplane’.

During the zoom-in, you can see the wing lights of the airplane flashing.  This makes me skeptical.  I myself have been decieved to think a plane was a star because it was abnormally bright and it was very far away, but eventually it caught up to me and I found out it was a plane.  Maybe there’s a chance that this video shows an extraterrestrial craft faking to be an airplane and that the plane I saw and thought to be a star was also a fake airplane, but I’m not buying it.  It’s very unlikely, in my opinion.

The ‘orb’ in this video does seem to be abnormally bright, but a commenter claims that having the camera out of focus can cause this to happen.

Now, these videos were posted in 2009 and early 2010, but there are still videos of fake airplanes being posted today, and recent comments from users still claim they see these planes and that they are chemtrailers.

My Personal Sightings of Strange Planes

I don’t like to jump into conspiracy theories and I try to keep my content neutral, not a believer in aliens but also not a non-believer.  I do this generally by asking realistic questions.

I myself have been seeing some strange aircraft lately, but I’ve not yet seen any ‘chemtrailing’, and I am quite skeptical about the entire chemtrailing theory.  It doesn’t sound very likely to me.

The planes I’ve seen have been out of the ordinary.  They seem to have added routes that I don’t remember, ever since about a month or two ago.  Some of them don’t have headlights and only have flashing lights.  Others have very bright headlights.

One particularly interesting airplane I saw was moving very slow, but it didn’t seem to be extremely far away from me.  It looked too big to be so far from my house, but it was going too slow to be close to my house.  The strangest part about it was the extremely bright flashing lights.  It had no headlights, but it had flashing red lights that were the brightest I’ve ever seen on an airplane.  It disappeared behind my trees and I didn’t see it again.

Another that took a route that seemed to go nearly directly upwards had a strangely red headlight and a few flashing lights.