(Video Included) Alien in Australia attempts to drag away victim

This is the 10th sighting of a strange being by Alex, YouTube user “ThePolishedKnob”, in Australia.  You can find links to my reviews on sightings 8 and 9 here.

Here is the video:

Caution! This video contains heavy swearing.  Some viewers may want to lower their volume or mute the video before watching.  Sound may help give a better feel to the video, but it is not absolutely necessary.

Also, for a better viewing experience, don’t forget to set the video quality as high as it will go before watching!

0:20 – the being can be seen behind the grass

1:16 – video recorder walks up to the tall grass with a flashlight

1:39 – video recorder is tripped and dragged into the grass (swearing all the way)

2:20 – video recorder runs out of grass a few feet from where he was dragged into the grass and precedes back onto the porch, where the camera is positioned on a tripod

2:28 – video recorder grabs camera, panting heavily, and retreats into the house

In another video with the same footage but featuring commentary from Alex (the video recorder) on what had happened, Alex says that he checks the backyard frequently every night to see if the alien is there.

He says it felt like nothing was grabbing him at all, yet he was being pulled.  Once he got “down there” he said he started struggling and got up.  After that, the being grabbed his shirt from the left and he pulled away, causing the shirt to rip open as he ran.  He then turned to the right, found the lights of his house, and ran towards it as fast as he could.

He also says that the whole time he was in the tall grass, he didn’t see the being fully because he’d dropped his flashlight.  Later the next morning, in another video in daylight, he found the flashlight on the ground, the top open and the two batteries lying scattered across the floor as if the being had opened it and then left it there.

Scratch Marks

In another video, Alex shows the scratch marks on his arms and says he was scratched all over while being dragged.  He also explains that he didn’t know why he went down there, but he “had this feeling” and he “wanted to go down there”.

Here is that video, and once again, there is swearing involved:


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  1. TubeYourTubeOn

    You forgot the most important bit,
    1:42 – alien jumps over Alex’ body.

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