Extremely bright lights in Fort Worth, Texas (May, 2011)

During May 2011 in Fort Worth, Texas, there was a series of extremely bright lights across a widespread area.  Here is a video of those explosions of light:

There are a number of explanations going about for this event, mostly people saying they were exploding transformers.  Some say it was from a concert with a special light show.

Who would be crazy enough to make lights that bright go off during a concert?  I can’t imagine how bright it must be if you’re right next to it – I find that explanation very unlikely.  Also, the lights spread across the entire camera screen, rather than in one concentrated area, like you’d expect from a concert.

Transformer explosions also seem a little out there, but not as much.  Here is a screenshot of a YouTube transformer explosion as it happens (from November 2006):

Transformer Explosion from November 2006

Transformer Explosion from November 2006

You’ll notice the thin ray of light stretching from top to bottom, striking through the center of a splotch of very bright blue light.

However, this was only a small distance from the video recorder, but in the May 2011 video above you’ll see the lights are farther from the recorder.  The user on YouTube who uploaded the video also says the lights in his/her neighborhood were out for “some hours”.  In the video above, you’ll see no lights even flashing on and off – if so many transformers were exploding, why are no lights going off whatsoever, even for a second?

Here’s another screenshot of one of the explosions in the May 2011 video:

May 2011 Bright Explosion of Light

May 2011 Bright Explosion of Light

The light from the May 2011 video is much brighter.

I’m not sure, maybe transformers from 2006 don’t explode as bright as transformers from 2011, maybe it has to do with how they were destroyed (though neither of the videos seem to show any lightning, rain, hail, etc.)

People also claim UFOs were seen above the flashing lights.  Watching the video from 0:20 and onwards, you can see small lights above the explosions pop into the screen.

Take note UFO does not mean “Alien Spacecraft come to kill us all” or any other form of that sentence – it means “Unidentified Flying Object”.  An object that is currently not identified.  Not a spacecraft, not a demon, not an angel, something I am currently incapable of naming.

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