Alien sighted for the ninth time in Australia (Video Included)


For a while now, a young man in Australia has been uploading videos to YouTube regarding what he believes is an alien in his back yard.  This is an update on the ninth sighting.

It’s suggested that you see my post on the rest of the sightings by clicking here if you haven’t already read it.

So here’s the video:

WARNING!  The following video is filled with swearing and obscene language.  If you do not want to hear this language, you may mute the sound by either turning off your speakers or hitting the sound button on the YouTube video in the bottom left corner.  It is suggested that you leave sound on, as it may give a better understanding to the video.

Don’t forget to turn the quality of the video as high as you can before watching!

This time, the recorder is trying to communicate with the being using a flashlight and speech.  He sets up the camera and walks down a bit further into his yard, off of the deck and onto the grass.

Around 1:45, the being begins rustling the tall grass around it and the recorder steps back.  He says he now thinks he “pissed it off” with his attempts at communication.

The YouTube user “ThePolishedKnob” is the one uploading these videos.  The channel has about 800 subscribers as of now.  There are 9 sighting videos as of now.

You can find the others on ThePolishedKnob’s Channel on YouTube.


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