Black spheres dancing above Florida treetops – what are they? 13/1/2011

A video was uploaded to YouTube featuring two black orbs making strange movements above trees in Florida, January 13, 2011.

Skip to 0:38 (thirty eight seconds into the video) to see the video with closer zoom.

I’m sure that your first guess will be ‘Birds!’  That was my first guess, too, and I almost backed out of the video because of that.  But when I continued to watch, I noticed the ‘UFOs’ don’t seem to have flapping wings.

When a bird flaps its wings, it rocks and flitters, but these seem to take smooth dives and paths.

They also seem to be able to instantly redirect their path.  I’ve not seen a bird that can do that.

One of them even seems to pause for a moment before continuing.  To see this, skip to 0:57 and watch the UFO on the left side of the screen.  Maybe I’m mistaken and it’s just making a sharp circle or maybe the camera is moving in a way that makes it look like the UFO isn’t moving.

Some people say this could also be electronic, remote-controlled devices, like a childrens toy helicopter or jet, mainly because of the noise heard in the video.  I honestly don’t believe toys would make strange movements like those and neither do I think children would fly them into the clouds at the end of the video or as high as they are in the video.  Would a remote controlled device even be able to travel so far away from the remote?

Relating to the noise, I first though it was added into the video to add dramatic effect.  Most all UFO videos on YouTube will have music playing in the background with the ‘official alien music’ or other dramatic, horror-movie music.

I don’t know what they are, but I don’t think I’m ready to say it’s a bird or a remote-controlled device.

If you want me to add anything to the post or if you want to leave your opinion, just write down a comment below.


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