UFO Sightings of January 2011

Here is a collection of YouTube UFO sightings from January 2011.  I’ll leave my opinion on the sightings if I have anything to say.

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January 1

January 2

January 3 

January 4

January 5

January 6

January 7

January 8

January 10

January 12

January 1

#1 Seal Beach, California

Some people say these could be chinese lanterns due to the fact that the video was shot on January 1st, the new year, and also the flickering, fire-like appearance of the UFOs.

#2 Tanjay, Philippines

January 2

#3 Oregon

#4 Phoenix, Arizona

This video is interesting.  I’m suspicious about the video length, which is only 53 seconds and the first 22 seconds or so are used on text, so the UFO footage is really 31 seconds.  The only decent look you can get of the UFO is the very start of the UFO footage, around 23 seconds into the video, as the camera zooms in.  This is because the camera is extremely shaky.  It looks like a blimp or other similar craft and it has a red flashing light on the bottom.  It also slightly resembles a turtle shell…just an observation I made.

#5 Hot Springs, Argentina

Here is the description of the video above if you wanted some more information (I polished the grammar a bit to make it more presentable):

“I got up about 3:45 am on Jan. 2 to check on the dogs barking. Went to back door and was looking out glass doors when I noticed a large bright light over the distant mountain tops in the eastern sky. Mountains about 15 miles from my view. It was much too bright to be a star and much larger than anything else that night. It was a clear night with no cloud coverage and with a sliver of moon. I watched and thought it might be a tower on the mountain(for airplanes) of some sort but it was too bright compared to other towers in the area. I noticed it had some blinking lights-so I thought airplane- but noticed red, green and yellow lights. The object itself seemed to change color. I grabbed the video camera and proceeded to fumble with camera and video the object. The object remained stationary for the 1 1/2 hours viewed. Several witnesses from the area saw it as well. As I was watching it, it seemed to be pulsating and translucent. In the video it was not moving-that was my hand shaking due to lack of tripod.”

January 3

It looks like the two following videos (#6 and 7) are of the same UFO in Russia, Moscow.

#6 Russia, Moscow

#7 Russia, Moscow

January 4

#8 Paducah, KY

The video uploader said that it was filmed at 5 AM central time and that it looks like a star, but much brighter.

I think it could be a planet…it’s not a very interesting UFO sighting either way.

#9 Kitchener, Ontario

This is another case of an ‘orb’ turning into a ‘fake airplane‘.

#10 Honolulu, Hawaii

January 5

#11 Kitchener, Ontario

#12 Maryland

#13 Chile

The above video, speculated to be an ‘alien mothership’ hit the news in Peru when it was filmed there.  Read about that here.

January 6

#14 Lake Elsinore, California

The description of the above video claims it was shot from the parking lot of a Starbucks and the lights all went out at the same time (I suppose near the end of the video, as they seemed to have disappeared then).  The description also notes that many others had stopped to look at the lights.  In case you didn’t see, the triangle of lights is under the nearest street lamp.

January 7

NOTE: In the video below, skip to 2:42 (two minutes and fourty two seconds into the video) to see the clearest view of the UFO.

January 8

#15 Cowpens, South Carolina

Skip to around 1 minute into the video to see a nice view of the UFO.

January 10

#16 Unknown Location

January 12

#17 Uijeongbu, South Korea

January 13

#18 Atlanta, Georgia


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