Fireball UFO in Pennsylvania – Dec 29 2010

This YouTube video shows a strange, fire-ball like UFO in Pennsylvania during December 29, 2010.

Don’t forget to set the video quality as high as it will go before watching!

This video was uploaded to YouTube on December 31, though the video claims the footage was shot December 29.

The video description claims that “it’s hard to capture the unique appearance of these objects on video, so they are often dismissed by skeptics as the paper-bag Chinese lanterns with a flame inside.”  The description also states that these look like “a swirling ball of fire/plasma/energy”

It claims “Don’t be fooled if you look and it suddenly dims and starts flashing like our aircraft! This is their M.O. It’s how they get around to observe us without panic or being shot at.”

I’m skeptical about this.  It would make more sense to morph into a black, lightless craft than to morph into an airplane if ‘they’ would want to spy on us.

The description goes on to claim “location filmed was another heavily-wooded hill down the road off Boxcartown Rd, Murrysville, PA. It was a hot night for them, some coming from the unfinished golf course woods across from my house, some woods SE of there, some a mile or 2 away”

Some might say that since there are so many of them they must be ‘alien spacecraft’ while others will say they’re our aircraft doing something special in that area, maybe relating to finishing the golf course.


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