Large, red, pulsating UFO over Brooklyn (YouTube UFO video)

A YouTube UFO video filmed October 28, 2010, shows a big, orange-red sphere hovering in the sky, brightly shining and fading repeatedly.  Another, similar but less bright UFO then appears and begins moving towards the first UFO.  The second UFO does not pulsate like the first.  It simply moves forward and slowly fades away when it nears the first UFO.

Before watching the video, please note that the man filming the video uses a very small amount of ‘inappropriate’ language.

This video is unusual and very strange.  The man who filmed the video says that he filmed “a stationary object in the sky that seemed to have needed some assistance”.  His explanation for the second UFO is that it was “trying to help a ‘homey’ out” (the homey being the first UFO).


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