Black cylinder spotted in the sky

It was “around 30 feet long and around 400 feet off of the ground”.  It was long and shaped like a cylinder, shiny and pointing vertically towards the ground.   


   The cylinder was spotted in Black Country by Mike Tunnicliffe, who lives on Sutton Road.  He says:

   “It came so quickly and then within five minutes it was gone.

   “I live close to the arboretum where there have been balloon festivals before, but I am sure it wasn’t a hot air balloon.

   “Nor was it a tethered balloon or blimp.  I am at a loss at what it could have been.”

   According to Mike, he spotted the UFO at 2:45 PM, Sunday 28th, June 2009, over the Mellish Road area and over Calderfields golf course then towards Lichfield Road.

  Quotes and information from this article.  Link opens in a new window.


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