6 Opinions for believers and non-believers alike on UFOs and alien life

  I’ve been thinking about all of the opinions people have when it comes to alien life.  I have a little list here made out to state some of the opinions people may use in arguments or other conversations.  Please note that some of these opinions are held by people who believe in alien life and some by people who do not believe in alien life.  These opinions aren’t just my opinion, some of them I strongly disagree with.

#1: The universe is far too big for Earth to hold the only intelligent life

  This is a common opinion that most alien-life-believers will use.  They simply say that the universe is huge and that Earth can’t possibly be the only planet to hold life.  If there are so many planets and stars and such out there, then who knows how many of them could hold other life? 

#2: Alien technology could work in many ways


  This opinion is used by believers.  The opinion basically says that alien technology could be spectacular and that it could work in ways we thought impossible.  Most UFO sightings will  say that there was no noise when the UFO came and left.  Which people could use as a point against alien believers, because most aircraft makes noise.  Opinion #2 could be used to say that it’s possible that alien life could have developed engines that don’t make noise.  When people say Opinion #2, it’s pretty much their way of opening up a lot of ways that UFOs could actually be alien spacecraft.

#3: If even a small percentage of UFO sightings were actually alien spacecraft, then surely they would’ve made contact with us by now


  This opinion is used by non-believers.  It simply states that UFO sightings have been going on for a long time and surely, if even a small amount of the UFOs were actually alien spacecraft, then certainly they would’ve made some sort of contact with us.  Every day, thousands of UFOs are spotted, but none of them seem to have made any contact with us.  It can be argued that people have been abducted, but most of those stories are pretty insane.  It can also be argued that UFOs could be ‘studying’ us until they’ve learned our language or found some other information they may need.  We don’t really know at this point.  Now, as I said, there are reports of people that have been abducted by UFOs, but those stories are hard to believe because they are so crazy. 

#4: Alien life is real, the government is just hiding it from us


  This opinion isn’t really used in arguments very much, it’s just something that starts arguments.  This is a pretty crazy accusation, and I myself don’t think very much of it.  It’s pretty insane to think that the government is hiding something so major from us.  Surely if there actually was alien life, they would’ve told us.  This opinion is so sensitive that I won’t talk very much about it. 

#5: There are so many UFO sightings daily, there’s no way they could all be coincidence


  This opinion, another opinion used by believers, is using the number of daily UFO sightings as a hunch.  There are a lot of UFO sightings every day and most of them seem to be unexplained, though a very high number are also explainable.  Certainly not all of these UFO sightings could just be objects in the air?  There has to be something behind all of these sightings, right?

#6: People see what they believe.


  Used by non-believers, this opinion is short and sweet.  It simply says that people are expecting to see lights in the sky and other UFOs so much that they simply imagine it, and that only encourages them that aliens exist, which makes them expect even more.  Very simple, though I’m not sure if anyone has studied if it’s actually possible for the brain to imagine things like this.  It sounds pretty plausible to me.  Maybe some sort of doctor/scientist will address this matter or maybe they already have and I missed it.

 So now that you’ve read some of the opinions, you can comment on your thoughts or just keep them to yourself if you want.  Please remember that I’m trying to stay at a neutral stand with believers and non-believers so as not to cause any unwanted arguments or fights.

  Also, these are just a few of the thousands of original opinions people have on this subject.  There are a lot of opinions out there and most of them are sensitive matters that cause arguments quickly as people compare opinions to see which one is more foolproof.

  If you have any suggestions for opinions I could add, simply leave them in a comment.

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  1. In Wales last night i saw three very strange objects in the sky. They were not aeroplanes as they didn’t move the same and they were too close to each other. They didn’t have the lights that aeroplanes have, they were flashing orange. They went up, rather than across the sky. Could have been something with an explanation but i’m waiting to see if anyone has reported the sightings.

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